Hi. I’m Busty. I live in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, but hail from the Midwest (yo!).  In no particular order, I love the following: cooking, my two cats, Trader Joes, my cleaning service, trashy TV, and my husband. In no particular order, I hate the following: movies with a lot of strife, particularly when mothers are separated from their children and violence toward or involving animals; doing laundry; my cupboards; when it’s too hot; when it’s too cold; and clowns.

Welcome to my piece of internet real estate. I liken free blogs to homesteading—the internets give you your own corner of the world and long as you work the land…er, create content…you get to keep it for your very very own.

Oh yeah, I have big boobs. I blame my klutziness on them.

The Content

My internet homestead will be 80% recipes and food related musings. The other 20% will be whatever the hell I want it to be. And please don’t hold me to these percentages, I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

I have an affinity (ahem, obsession) with food blogs. I’m not going to claim to invent recipes because I’m a failure-hating fraidy cat, so I look to others and capitalize on their successes. I am eternally grateful to those who pluck from a seemingly infinite number of recipes, give it a go, and take beautiful photos of their efforts. You’ll see no such photos on this blog.

I go through great lengths to make food people love—especially my husband, Princess Eric (see “The Characters” below). He doesn’t really know how I make things happen, but he generally appreciates my efforts. With definite likes and dislikes and a disinclination for change, Princess Eric must be coaxed and coddled into trying something new. I rarely have the patience for coaxing and coddling, so I just make what I want and hope for the best. I like to make him think that I’m cooking for him, but really? I cook for myself.

My office closet is a graveyard of hobbies started and never realized. Cooking is the one thing I’ve managed to stick with over the years. Projects are easily started, easily finished, failures are somewhat minimal, and even if something isn’t perfect, after throwing a towel, yelling a slew of explicatives, and blaming a “defective recipe,” I can move on from any tragedies.

The Characters

Princess Eric: Husband
Loves include: cupcakes, poker, snakes, video games, Chik-fil-a, Kona coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, The Mets, the Redskins, the Capitols
Hates include: cheese, losing at poker, trying new restaurants, trash day, The Mets

Motley: A Cat
Loves include: pets, his food bowl, cereal milk, dried rice from the floor, rattle-ly mousies, brushing
Hates include: the vacuum, human sneezes, strangers

Cricket: A Cat
Loves include: solicited attention, her tail, chicken breast, smoked meats, burrowing under the covers, the bay window, staying up all night, sleeping all day
Hates include: unsolicited attention, strangers, claw trimming